Mini Step Up Boost Converter Module

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Multi-function Mini DC-DC Boost Step Up Volt Converter 5V 6V 9V to 12V Power Supply Module

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The front side of the PCB can be seen with the words A and B. The output voltage can be changed by using the soldering iron to switch the pad on and off. In the table below, 0 means that the pad is disconnected and 1 means that the pad is connected.

  • The output voltage can be set to 5V / 8V / 9V / 12V, the default is 12V.
  • Input voltage range: 2.5V ~ VOUT-0.5V
  • Output performance: take the input 3.7V lithium battery as an example, it can output 5V1.2A, 8V0.7A,
  • 9V0.6A, 12V0.5A

Please make sure the input current and output current do not exceed 1.5A.


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